SFERA Feed: the platform sub-applications' connecting link


Mikhail Kunizhev

The SFERA Feed is a "place" where news and publications of all users of the SFERA platform flock. Both business accounts and private ones. Both those you follow and those that are recommended by smart algorithms based on your interests and ratings.


In particular, in the SFERA Feed you will see business news from the Work & Business application, which we are developing with your participation. These are, first of all, the publications of the companies that you were interested in earlier, as well as industry news that you are subscribed to.

New publications can be viewed in three formats:
● Chronological news feed

Classics of social networks and news portals. In the Feed, you see everything that people and business accounts of interest to you publish, as news appears in the sub-applications of the SFERA platform.
● News feed for a given geolocation

This is not only news of your chosen institution, for example, your favorite restaurant. You can choose it as a starting point, set any radius and receive news from all people and organizations who have checked in within it.
● Rating news feed

You see the news you are interested in in descending order of rating. And not only see. You can rate publications yourself on a 5-point scale. This is necessary for algorithms of the system to understand which news is the most interesting to you and in the future show publications based on your preferences. This will also help our algorithms to recognize high-quality (developmental) and low-quality content in order to further limit the issuance of publications that are unpleasant to you or harm your intellectual, spiritual or physical development.

Whatever the format in which you prefer to view news published in sub-applications of the SFERA platform, you can comment on them and discuss them with other users. All new comments will appear on a separate tab.

Latest news


Обновление SFERA

May 8, 2021 |Ежедневно нам поступают сообщения от пользователей, которые активно тестируют приложение SFERA в своих смартфонах. К каждому из них мы относимся очень внимательно. Поэтому программисты ежечасно работают над усовершенствованием приложения. Вот какие обновления внесены к настоящему моменту.


SFERA update - Sprint results

April 28, 2021 |Want to invite your friends to SFERA? Send them an invitation. A new feature allows you to do this with a couple of taps. And here are some other changes.


SFERA update on Android and iOS

March 30, 2021 |Every day our developers improve the work of the app so that it is convenient and easy to use. We pay attention to every little detail so that every app on the SFERA platform works smoothly. This time, we made changes to the “Main Profile”, “ASAP”, “Choose”, and UI/UX design. You, our users, also help us to create space for improvement. We thank you for your feedback and would like to tell you about the next results of our work.