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Diana Akhmetova

The world around us is changing fast, and we're not standing still. Our team has made a lot of progress in the development of the SFERA project. We have compiled a shortlist of SFERA's most recent achievements and changes.


1. SFERA project website has been updated to reflect your comments and suggestions. The color scheme and navigation have changed. Convenience and accessibility of the website are our main priorities. An English-language version of the website has also been launched. We are currently working actively to adapt it to other languages.

2. You may have noticed that we have added an "About Us" section, where you can meet our employees. These are the people driven by an idea and a belief in the success of the project. We have slightly reorganized the personnel structure, and now we have 40 full-time employees and more than 50 volunteers who give their knowledge, time, and effort to the project.

3. As our prior experience has taught us some lessons, we have decided not to work with contractors any longer. Instead of recruiting expensive third party personnel, we realized that our talented specialists can do the job more efficiently in house. Therefore, we decided to make the subsequent sub-app of the platform on our own. At the moment, we have started creating the “Work&Bussiness " sub-app, as well as the Main User Profile.

Unfortunately, we could not release “Meet Net” and “Black Box” in time as we couldn’t release a product that does not meet our high standards. The reason for the delay is the postponement of deadlines by our contractors. SFERA’s team is currently working on resolving this issue. The estimated release date for these sub-apps in the beta version is February 2021.

4. SFERA’s founder, Igor Lushkin, believes that there should be no secrets between the users and the startup's team. Thus, the development team created a road map of the project. The key stages of the app's development are reflected there and it is regularly updated with the most recent data. Use the Road Map to learn about the latest implementations, bug fixes, plans, and dates of our project.

5. In addition, our ASAP messenger was not left untouched from changes and improvements. By using ASAP, you can already make calls, DM, pin and add the chats to your favourites. However, our work hasn’t stopped there. Our specialists test ASAP daily. In collaboration with our systems analyst Aubakir Utenov's findings, the following points have been corrected over the past few weeks:

● Changed the titles of the sections for the creation of SFERA chats and the design of the start screen (logo size + layout);
● The side menu on Android no longer prevents you from writing messages (when the keyboard is open, it is not possible to open the side menu in purpose);
● The list of chats is updated without errors after you’ve deleted something, cleared the char or switched to another fragment;
● The appearance of messages on iOS is fixed through the correction of UI bugs
● You can now add messages to favorites easily
● The position of the saved text messages in the “Saved items” is now displayed more correctly.
●  Some changes in relation to the avatar.
● Changes to rules of adding and removing chat participants.
● Optimization of the downloads of user’s profiles in chats.
● A function to view the call history was added

The next stage of the ongoing work for improvement over the next few days will be the following:

● Correction of a bug of the playback of audio messages 
● Some extensive works in order to achieve  the correct display and launch of media files;
● When you change to the different ASAP subsections and then create a chat in a particular section, the chat will be created in that section, not in the main one.

6. Also, we have some very unexpected news for ANDROID owners. Taking into account your comments and suggestions, the project team has decided to redesign the SFERA platform on your devices. We will tell you more about this later, as the amount of work is very extensive. But we are confident that these changes will not leave anyone indifferent.

As of the beginning of 2021, there have been more than 15,000 downloads of the SFERA app. And the number of active users has exceeded 3000 people. Thank you for being with us! We appreciate your comments, thus the feedback is very important to us. You help us to improve and to create a product of high quality. Follow our news and share it with your friends.

Cover author for news: Arina Koroleva

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