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Diana Akhmetova

We receive lots of comments every day from you. In line with your comments and suggestions, our developers have adjusted and made changes to the app. In the previous news, we told you in a nutshell that the CHOOSE sub-app will be completely changed visually. Now we would like to take a moment to talk about this in more detail.


In December of 2020 SFERA underwent some personnel changes. The design department is now headed by Karen Grigoryan. Karen has been working on the SFERA project since its first days, and we can confidently say that he is the co-founder of SFERA. Karen always approaches all of his tasks with great responsibility, and working in a new position is no exception.

In the first days of managing the department, he suggested making changes to the design of some sub-apps that are already in their MVP (minimum viable product) stage. The CHOOSE sub-app was one of the first to be affected by these changes.


The first thing you should notice in the updated version is the new color scheme. Now the interface is dominated by elegant blue.

The Start screen of the CHOOSE app was originally created in a simple and intuitive way. We want people to feel comfortable using the app, regardless of how they perceive it. Now we’ve made it even more convenient. 


One of the main technical changes is the function of uploading your photos/images to CHOOSE. Now the photo is uploaded in its original resolution without loss of quality.

In the updated version, questions and answer functions are placed under the images so that they don’t interfere with the viewing of the content. We have minimized the number of underlays under the text and got rid of visual clutter. The text still retains readability, but now at the expense of blurring and darkening the images.


Our team has also added new features to CHOOSE settings. Now, when you create a question, you can allow, forbid, or hide comments that have a button displayed on the home screen. This is quite convenient if the user wants to express an additional opinion beyond the original options. 

We have decided to abandon the idea of “crystals” that were previously under the photo and served to create a new survey. You had the possibility to gain these crystals if you were actively participating in the surveys. Instead of crystals, we will implement a "time" function. The CHOOSE app will be one of the "time" generators on the platform.

With every update of the SFERA platform, we will expand the list of features suggested to us by our users. Your feedback is vital to us. Please leave us your feedback, don’t hesitate to write to us, and report app bugs so that we can fix them.

Best regards,
SFERA team

Image prepared by Lyudmila Vorontsova

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