Update (05.03)


Diana Akhmetova

Updated! SFERA update was released, affecting the design of applications, their performance, calls, and much more. Yes, it was expected that the changes will be more extensive, but solving the problem with the backend took additional time. We would like to sincerely apologize, we are solving this problem urgently. At the moment, we are ready to present the following work results...


Design changes

Partial redesign of Black Box and a complete redesign of Choose on iOS. Complete redesign of the login and registration screens.

Errors correction

● Errors in the creation of boxes and in determining the location of the user have been fixed in the Black Box sub-app. Also, the work of the list of questions has been adjusted.
● Fixed issues with Chronicles and Gifts in the Main profile.
● Adding an avatar to your profile now is no problem.
● The development team carried out work to fix bugs in recording and playing audio messages.
● Fixed updates of the users' number in group chats.
● Server health debug and localization reduction to unique values ​​and error detection.
● The structure of Gifts has been fixed and the ability to delete them has been added.


The MeetNet questionnaire has been linked to a profile, but the People function is temporarily disabled. TOP has been removed from Choose. Added functionality for viewing photos, videos, files, and links in the chat settings. Returning to the profile after switching to MeetNet questionnaires, if they have already been filled out, now occurs automatically. Removing notifications after viewing messages.
Changed the processing of data coming from the server and created a self-expanding grid for displaying data. Added comments and the ability to respond to them.

Calls in ASAP

● Improved sound quality during a call (removed extraneous noise during a conversation)
● Changed call buffering algorithm
● The dial tone is extended before the connection is made
● Added a sound signal when starting a conversation
● Correction of calls system messages work.


● Editing a Chronicle
● Pagination of the feed of Chronicles and comments
● Processing of data coming from the server and displaying the feed of Chronicles
● Setting up the video player
● Video preview showing


● Application core updated
● Fixed bugs with hung connections after exiting the application from sleep mode
● Redesigned services for connecting to chats and voice calls
● Fixed the bug of rejecting an incoming call
● Fixed the bug with zeroing the duration of a forwarded voice message
● Added anonymous chats to Black Box


● Added playing background sound when the voice channel is connected instead of silence
● Reduced maximum delays to 250ms
● Reduced CPU load during a call using bufio and io.ReadFull
● Clean bytes buffer was replaced with bufio readwriter, which reduced the load when the console client is running from fully loaded 2 cores, to 10-15% of one core
● The method of reading through bufio to the io output device is unified - headphones/speaker.
● Unified functions for converting arrays of audio samples for all platforms
● Console client rewritten:
- now use one portaudio stream with 2 channels, instead of two streams
- int16 in/out buffers are used instead of byte ones, which increased the voice quality due to the actual increase in the sampling rate
● The utility for generating variables with samples of audio files has been modified (cmd/soundgen)
● SCTP is switched to unordered mode on webrtc datachannels through which the media stream passes
● Development of the Backend part of SFERA chats, anonymous chats for the Black Box, a hidden section, and lists of cities and countries in the Main profile, as well as the web-version of the application.
● Correction of errors in the code


● Implemented loading of the chat list with displaying the chat picture or user avatar
● When you click on a chat, a conversation opens, if the screen is less than 600px wide, the chat list is minimized
● When you open a chat, the last 100 messages are immediately loaded
● The message has the time of departure in the format mm:ss if less than a day has passed since its creation and the date in the format if more than a day has passed
● Implemented the function of sending a text message
● Implemented reloading of the history of correspondence by scrolling up.
● Fixed memory leak issue at message storage location by reworking storage using vuex
● Added adaptability for messages, change depending on the width of the window
● Received photos are now displayed, no preview yet


● Updating the sfera-zone-admin service on the PROD environment
● Updating the sfera-profile-server service on the STAGE environment
● Updating the sfera-profile-server service on the PROD environment
● Updating the blackbox-server service on the PROD environment
● Updating the blackbox-server service on the STAGE environment
● Updating the blackbox-server service on a TEST environment
● Updating meetnet-backend service on PROD environment
● Updating meetnet-backend service on STAGE environment
● Updating the meetnet-backend service in the TEST environment
● Creation of a virtual machine on the Yandex cloud, configuration, installation of the necessary system components. Installation of GitHub runner, connection to GitHub, for local build of cicd components
● Installing and configuring the nats-streaming service for PROD and STAGE environments
● Configuring cicd for automatic build and deployment in kubernetes for sevris sfera-profile-server
● Configuring cicd for automatic build and deployment in kubernetes for sevris blackbox-server
● Creating database dumps for developers, updating databases
● Creating security groups in the Yandex cloud, configuring traffic filtering rules, applying to virtual machine interfaces
● Creating a virtual machine on the Yandex cloud, for turn testing
● Setting up an Ingress controller, developing rules for redirecting http requests in a STAGE environment
● Setting up an Ingress controller, creating rules for redirecting http requests in a PROD environment
● Changing the configuration of the postgresql-stage cluster on the yandex cloud, changing the tariff, increasing the number of connections

All of the above really needs your testing. We kindly ask you if you find errors and malfunctions in the application, please let us know.

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