The designers of the SFERA project have developed the interface of the Work & Business user account


Mikhail Kunizhev

We continue to keep you updated with the intermediate results of the work of our team. Now you can see how the personal page of the user of the Work & Business application looks like. Namely, how the user sees it.


Pay attention to the following points.

Competence level

Can be beginner, advanced, or professional. The system evaluates and assigns it itself, based on the sum of the values ​​of your skills.


Three options are possible here:
● "Active search". You see employers, and they see you.
● "Just looking." You see employers, but they don't see you.
● “I am ready to consider the proposal”. You are not looking for employers, but you can receive their offers.

A photo

In addition to personal photos, you can upload any graphic or video files. For example, a video message to potential employers.


Here you will see those employers whose cooperation the system recommends to you, those who themselves want to contact you, and those with whom you are interested in cooperation. For convenience, these employers are divided into three groups:
● "Recommended". The system recommends vacancies to you based on your stated interests and skills.
● "Awaiting your response." Employers who invited you for an online interview.
● "Your Requests". Jobs that you have applied for, but have not yet received an invitation.

Testing of the proposed interface among the volunteers of the SFERA project showed that 93% of those surveyed found it friendly, intuitive and convenient.

Support the development of the Work & Business application and collect your reward!

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