• SFERA is a mobile application, a digital ecosystem built on the all-in-one principle, when everything you need is in one place. The basis of the system is a messenger, on the basis of which there are various services.
  • All services and all content in the system are focused on three areas of each person's life: work, personal life, hobbies. SFERA should help the user develop first of all in offline life.
  • All services and all content will have to fall under three definitions: development, benefit, interests.

The SFERA project is an application platform. Also, the terms will be correct for us: super application, anti social network.

SFERA has the functionality of a messenger, a social network, a video service, a job search service and business contacts, a dating service, and much more that already exists now and will be in the future.

Each service in the system is either completely unique or has distinctive features in comparison with analogues.

The SFERA project is an independent project created by a small team whose main goal is to change the world for the better and start this process “from the ground up”, from users, from content that each person consumes, and from solving problems that, despite any available technology, are still unresolved.

SFERA stays out of politics and outside of any statehood. We consider the whole world our home and want to work for the benefit of all people on the planet. It doesn't matter to us what language a person speaks, skin color, race or creed. We believe that our world can be made better and should be better. We believe it is possible.

The project is in the process of continuous development, the project is constantly improving the existing functionality and introducing new services. We are limited in resources, but the ones that are available we use at 200%. We are always grateful to any help: financial, informational, technological.