For existing startups that are at the development stage or already have a working functionality, we are ready to consider integration into SFERA, subject to the following conditions.

The service should be useful (educational) and have a positive impact on the offline life of the user.

You have a well-developed layout and concept (including a full rendering of the service in Figma, a technical description-task), but there is no financial opportunity to implement the service.

Developing a service within SFERA costs cheaper than creating a separate application.

You remain the copyright holder of your service and SFERA cannot and will not claim your service outside the platform in any way.

We believe that many services are certainly useful and necessary for users, but often, due to the high cost of development or the cost of attracting a user, the implementation of projects becomes impossible. Within the framework of the SFERA project, the cost of development is reduced several times and there is no need to incur financial costs for marketing.